July 1, 2022


You can answer this question with a Free Home Market Analysis from Poole Realty. Our expert real estate agents are skilled at helping you establish fair market value so you can get the best price for your property.

What is a Home Market Analysis?

It's a real estate valuation, offering an educated opinion of what your property might sell for if it were on the market. The agents at Poole Realty in Live Oak, Florida, are skilled at helping you establish the fair market value so that you can get the best price for your property

A Home Market Analysis will provide critical factors for the homeowner, such as:

  • Find out the competitive home prices in your area
  • Current equity in your home
  • Increased value of your home since you purchased it
  • The information necessary to update your insurance coverage

A home market analysis helps homeowners avoid common pitfalls when it comes time to sell.

The first few weeks after a home is listed are the most important. 

Sell With, Not Against the Market
The first few weeks are critical, and pricing your home too high loses the market's attention. A close look at what the market is doing in your neighborhood ensures the property is priced to sell. Many are tempted to list their home based on how much they want to get out of the sale, without really understanding what the home is worth.

A critical mistake many make: overpricing the home.
High prices mean little traffic will be generated around the property. Low interest in the market puts the onus back on the homeowner to act. What often results is that homeowners end up with a final sales price that is well below the initial asking price.

Selling a home is not a simple task, and there is much to consider. Be sure to ask your agent to prepare a home market analysis for you. A comprehensive market analysis can lay the groundwork that keeps the homeowner in the driver's seat when it comes time to sell.

For a free home Comparative Market Analysis, call the real estate professionals at Poole Realty serving Suwannee and Columbia counties for an appointment.

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