Renovating • Home Improvement

Build Home Value in Your Garage

Home garages allow for safe and convenient access to your cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, keeping them secure and out of inclement weather. If you stopped to consider your garage's value to your house, you would be shocked at how valuable a garage space is.

Investment • Homeownership • Building

Planning Your Dream Home

While your dream home may be conceptually perfect, it could seem impossible financially. Here are some steps to put your dreams into action. The expert Realtors® at Poole Realty can help you take your vision from dreams to reality.

Buying • Investment

Real Estate: Still a Great Investment

Most of us have experienced the effects of inflation. Over time, prices go up, and we can all remember when things were less expensive. Staying ahead of inflation is essential, and investing your hard-earned savings into assets that offer growth potential can help to counteract its effects.

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Introducing: Poole Property Management

November 1, 2022

Poole Realty property management is quick, convenient, and safe. When you’re ready to have us take over the heavy lifting of being a landlord, give us a call to set up your tenant portal. Read More

Deep Clean Your Home

October 1, 2022

When smells linger in our homes, we become nose blind. When it comes time to get your home ready to sell, a deep clean is in order. Removing pet odors and ridding homes of damp, musty smells can be extremely challenging. Read More

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

September 15, 2022

If you’re planning on selling your home, now is the time to address necessary repairs. Ultimately, these repairs can save you money and keep your house from sitting on the market. A well-maintained home gets better offers than one that looks like it needs some work. Read More

Poole Realty Opens a New Office to better serve Branford, FL.

August 24, 2022

Poole Realty Inc. has expanded and added a new location to serve the Branford community. The Branford Poole Realty office opened in July and they are having a grand opening on Aug. 25, 2022 4pm-6pm. 122 Suwannee Ave, Branford, FL 32008. They are looking forward to building new relationships in the community. Read More

Home Safety Wellness Check

August 1, 2022

We all want to protect our loved ones and feel secure in our homes. As a homeowner, taking the time to employ safety measures is vital. Read More

What is My Home Worth?

July 1, 2022

You can answer the question of what your home is worth with a Free Home Market Analysis from Poole Realty. Our expert real estate agents are skilled at helping you establish fair market value so you can get the best price for your property. Read More

Kitchens: The Heart of a Home

June 1, 2022

A kitchen needs to be multifunctional; it is a hub where family and friends can gather to cook, relax, and entertain while meeting the demands of three meals a day. A beautiful and functional kitchen is more than just a place to cook food; it is where memories are made, and it is the true heart of a contemporary family home. Read More