March 1, 2021


Whether you are considering selling your home or want to freshen things up, Spring is the perfect time to deep clean and improve your home's energy efficiency and overall aesthetic. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • ENSURE THAT YOUR HOME IS PROPERLY INSULATED. Through the winter, we often notice areas in our homes that could benefit from improved insulation. Insulation through the home's attic and walls controls the heat coming into the home in summer and out of the home in winter. If your home is well insulated, less energy is used to heat and cool your house. Consider having the home inspected for proper insulation, and remember that the cost of better insulation is often recouped quickly in energy savings.
  • PLANT TREES AND SHRUBS AROUND YOUR HOUSE. Spring is an excellent time for gardening. Planting trees and shrubbery is a terrific way to improve the value of your property. Keep in mind that trees on the west side will also provide shade for the home. There's nothing like a bit of landscaping to enhance your home's curb appeal, so have fun and don't forget to water!
  • INSPECT AND CLEAN THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME. Winter can be hard on a home's exterior, and seemingly minor issues can go unnoticed until they cause more significant problems. Take time to walk around your home and look for potential problems. Here are a few things to review: clean and fix gutters, power wash siding and brick, ensure outdoor faucets are functional, remove roof debris, re-caulk window seams.
  • CLEAN ALLERGEN-PRONE AREAS THOROUGHLY. Dust can quickly collect and get out of control, especially behind couches, under beds, and in closets and basements. Addressing these areas with a thorough cleaning will help you feel better about your home and positively impact those sensitive to allergens.
  • IMPROVE THE LIGHTING IN AND AROUND YOUR HOME. Improving lighting is an easy and cost-effective way to transform gloomy areas into bright and welcoming spaces. Try using more sheer curtains or adding lamps and light fixtures with efficient L.E.D. bulbs. You might also hire a contractor to add recessed lighting over-decorated areas, in showers, or over porches and patios.
  • UPGRADE OR REPLACE OLD WINDOWS. While replacing windows has the stigma of being expensive, old windows may be costing you more in the long run! Upgrading or replacing old windows will limit airflow from inside to outside. Stopping this airflow makes your home and budget run more efficiently, not to mention new windows will also improve your home's appearance inside and out.

Spring is a time where things start to move and grow. Use this season to bring life and energy back to your home; you'll be delighted you did!

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