May 1, 2021


As Millennials move into their 20's and 30's and become the largest age group of homebuyers, they are changing the face of America's communities. Their preference in home design and their high expectations regarding technology will leave their mark for decades and promises to revolutionize what Americans expect from their homes.


Millennial buyers are looking for smart, stylish homes that keep families connected. In a world where everything syncs up automatically, homebuyers are demanding a new level of technology from their homes. In the end, home design and function, more than size, are the top motivating factors for Millennials*. The majority of homebuyers prefer a "Modern Traditional" style, a traditionally built home with a minimalist feel and is restructured for the way we live now - with open floor plans, clean sightlines, and connected family spaces. 


Innovative technology integrated into the design of a home is the wave of the future, and current homeowners that are looking ahead should take note. A home is no longer just about having a place of personal retreat and comfort. There is a much higher value placed on how well a home can serve and entertain family and friends. Outdoor living space is especially desirable for new homebuyers. Also, having updated outdoor lighting is essential and is an easy fix for homeowners.

Smart home technology uses devices such as linking sensors, features, and other appliances connected to the Internet that can be remotely monitored, controlled, or accessed. Imagine also managing all devices at home, including curtains, TV, video, security system, lighting, and air-conditioning, using a mobile phone or Internet from anywhere around the world. Smart homes have made this dream a reality.

While smart home tech is ever-expanding and its popularity is on the rise, there are many advantages to consider when deciding if this new technology is something that would benefit you and your family.

  • Convenience – Smart homes provide comfort and sustainable living.
  • Efficiency – Smart technology allows homeowners to take control of their energy usage in a variety of ways. Smart home hubs can turn appliances off entirely when not in use, eliminating energy drain.
  • Entertainment – Smart entertainment devices allow you to interact with your electronics in a more seamless, natural way, whether by touch, gesture, or voice. You'll no longer have to juggle an array of cables and buttons.
  • Safety – Security has been immensely helped by technology. A smart home gives residents the luxury of electronically monitoring every corner of their house from any location at any time.
  • Home Office – As more companies encourage their staff to work from home, many young homebuyers are converting a room in their home into an office with technological control at their fingertips.

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