June 1, 2022


As experienced Realtors®, we know that a home’s kitchen can often make or break the sale of a home. A kitchen needs to be multifunctional; it is a hub where family and friends can gather to cook, relax, and entertain while meeting the demands of three meals a day. A beautiful and functional kitchen is more than just a place to cook food; it is where memories are made, and it is the true heart of a contemporary family home.


One of your best returns on investment when looking to sell your home comes from a kitchen remodel. When home shopping, people look first at the kitchen. Most kitchens don’t require a complete gut job. Older cabinets are usually crafted from solid maple or oak and simply need to be painted or fitted with updated doors to look redone. Quartz countertops or beautiful backsplashes bring a significant return on every dollar spent. Updating your kitchen gives you an updated kitchen to appreciate, and when it’s time to sell, your home’s price will reflect your investment.

Contact your real estate professional at Poole Realty to confirm that the upgrades you are thinking about will be the best return on investment based on comps and location. Matching modern kitchen appliances will give your kitchen an instantly updated look. Contemporary dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators use significantly less water and energy, saving you money on your energy bills right away. If your kitchen needs an extensive remodel, your real estate professional at Poole Realty has access to the local resources that you need to turn your kitchen into the culinary space of your dreams.


Replacing the cabinet hardware with a newer modern style is an inexpensive way to update the feel of your kitchen. To allow a prospective buyer to focus on the beauty and functionality of your kitchen and imagine their family occupying the space. Remember to depersonalize before a showing and remove any countertop clutter. 


Is your current kitchen too small for your family’s needs? We spend a substantial portion of our lives in the kitchen, and maybe moving for a better kitchen could help enhance the quality of your family time.

The Realtors® of Poole Realty can help you find your ideal dream home with a spacious kitchen perfect for making meals, memories, and more in North Central Florida. Give us a call today!

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