November 1, 2022


At Poole Realty, we prioritize building relationships with property owners and real estate investors while serving as a resource for tenants. We help to facilitate open communication between owners and tenants by providing tenant placement, maintenance and inspections, full accounting, and more. We can conveniently provide owners with property information through state-of-the-art software systems, creating a secure, streamlined process you can trust.

Our expert property management team, can help you market your rental properties, thoroughly screen potential tenants, and inspect, clean, and maintain your rentals effectively and efficiently. We can promptly fill your rental vacancies using state-of-the-art technology and set up simple and secure monthly payments directly to your bank.

Your tenants will have a portal to communicate directly with us, and with different payment options, they can pay anytime and anywhere. 

We work hard to help you maintain an open, communicative, and positive relationship with your tenants.

Poole Realty property management is quick, convenient, and safe. When you’re ready to have us take over the heavy lifting of being a landlord, give us a call to set up your tenant portal.

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