March 1, 2023


Home garages allow for safe and convenient access to your cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, keeping them secure and out of inclement weather. If you stopped to consider your garage's value to your house, you would be shocked at how valuable a garage space is. You can put your garage to work for you and increase your home's value with these improvements:

  • Insulate – If you've ever had to work in your garage in the middle of a hot Florida summer, you know how critical insulating your garage is. Not only does it help your garage keep cool in extreme weather, but it also reduces the energy used to heat and cool your home. The insulation also helps to reduce the noise heard in your home and can significantly help improve the comfort levels of any above garage rooms.
  • Storage/Maintenance - Storage is probably the garage's primary function, and with proper cabinets and shelving, you can reduce clutter while making things easier to find. A workspace for essential car and home maintenance makes taking care of your investments easier.
  • Lighting - Adequate lighting in a garage can transform your space from unpleasant and strenuous to functional and invigorating. Be sure to install main light fixtures that illuminate the entire garage while also paying attention to practical task lighting. Task lighting, such as under cabinet lighting, should address key areas like work benches or a pet-wash station.
  • Doors - Standard garage doors are usually the most significant uninsulated space in most homes. Consider replacing your existing door with a new insulated garage door. Your garage door can account for 30% of the exterior portion of your home visible from the street. New garage doors can bring more than 85% return on investment, according to, and can quickly modernize your home and improve your home's curb appeal.
  • Flooring – The floors in your garage need to be tough. They must support the weight of cars and other equipment and withstand leaks or spills. Poured epoxy coating with a non-slip aggregate or interlocking garage floor tiles often hold up much better than a simple painted floor. Upgraded garage flooring provides a permanent non-slip surface for an instant home value boost.

The professional Realtors® of Poole Realty know which features are worth the investment cost in a garage remodel. Give us a call if you're considering improving your garage to increase your home's value and energy use. We're here to help you!

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